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About Us

About us

Rose Music

is a French independent record company, then a music publisher and media company. co-founded in 2019 by The Ware & Supermassive
All those aspects make of Rose Music an entity that finds, develops and markets the newest talents in the music industry in Pop / Electro / Dance music to grant them exposure so they end up making a public dance. The record label seeks to be thoughtful and deep, and is currently progressing with the total artist Efix, producer and street-artist.
In September 2019, Rose Music released their first single ‘Reason’ from Supermassive. It’s not because it’s our label and I’m the community manager, but I find it really good. What do you think ?

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We search

Collaboration – Singer – Remix

You are a music band and you want to submit your models, or you want to collaborate on a piece of music?
We are also actively seeking singer on our tracks.
Feel free to contact us by following the link below