Rose Music | Backstage Clip Reason
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Backstage Clip Reason


Backstage Clip Reason

  Day 1 : Relive with us the first day of filming at Salle Victoire 2, we had to bring 300 friends, offer them beer under the eyes of the cameras of cat eyes production, the goal was to make a fake evening concert.
We started by shooting the last shots of the clip, the first day!

Day 2 : For this day of filming, we rented a chapel around Lunet, then we had a Gospel choir come.
A rich exchange sharing, with great moments and memories, if you are interested you can find on video this famous day.

Day 3 :  And here is the last day of filming, as many tell you the conditions were not excellent, with the arrival of winter, I can tell you that it was cold fingers.
We were well surrounded with all these dancers to warm our hearts.
The last day of shooting was one of the most intense, 3 plateaus at the same time filming simultaneously.
This last sequence was shot at Tom’s Dinner in Montpellier which kindly agreed to lend us the place.